The baton training course is designed to give students the minimum level of proficiency to carry and use a baton while on duty as private security guards. This course includes introduction to proper strike zones, stance, blocking techniques and striking techniques.

This course is designed to provide the theory and practical training necessary to effectively instruct users to safety and effectively operate the TASER electronic devices. This class will cover the techniques for proper deployment of and certification of end users in the use of the TASER non-lethal devices(s).


Firearm Training

This program is designed for public safety officers who deal with conflict or potential violence. This is a self defense class with chemical agents "pepper spray" course. This class will teach all students to use their chemical spray canisters effectively and how to defend from attack if they are themselves sprayed with pepper spray. Our aim is to sharpen the professionals physical and strategic skills. 

Baton Training

O.C Training

 Our First Aid/CPR/ AED course covers adult, child & infant CPR, including choking and use of the AED for the adult and child. This course is intended for all persons who have the responsibility to respond to a cardiac emergency due to job responsibilities or regulatory requirements such as security guards. Not only will we teach you the lifesaving techniques that are required for CPR certification, but you will learn the value of having this skill set in the workplace, an how to use it to make you a more valuable employee. From minor emergencies to life and death situations, we will help you develop the skill set that will set you apart from your competition.

This is a basic course for persons interested in furthering their career as a security officer. Our security training courses prepare security professionals and teaches the basics of security and firearms as well as help you obtain the licenses and certification you need to pursue a meaningful career in this growing industry. This course also offers same day, on-site Live scan fingerprinting. We’ll work with you to develop your skills in the classroom, the gun range and even the self-defense facility. 

This firearm training course is designed to teach students basic technical aspects and legal responsibilities inherent in carrying and using a firearm. Knowing how and when to use a  firearm are both equally important. Knowing how to use a weapon may save your life. Knowing when to use the weapon may keep you from being criminally prosecutes and going to jail.

​​​Guard Card/Livescan

First Aid C.P.R/A.E.D


​     Security.​Emergency.Response.​Training

Taser Training