​     Security.​Emergency.Response.​Training

The threat of an active shooter attack is rare but very real. We aim to change the way people in schools, universities, businesses, hospitals and places of worship respond to armed intruders. This course provides guidance to individuals and teaches proactive survival strategies for violent intruder or active shooter incidents. This class will also provide the ability, skill and knowledge to understand the active shooter, real time intelligence and appropriate law enforcement response. 

Active Shooter Training

​​​​This course will teach the individual to take decisive action under pressure, instill knowledge and confidence with large doses of safety. Students will be asked to think through tactical problems and react to constantly changing scenarios. Students will be exposed to scenarios where critical thinking and decisive action are necessary to be successful. This course will reinforce the students training including shooting from the concealed carry position, close quarters combat at night, use of cover, barricade shooting,positional shooting,shooting on the move, defensive shooting, advanced point shooting, malfunction clearing, and combat reloads all in the dark and weak handed shooting .

Tactical Shooting Training