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Firearms Training

This course covers general issues regarding self defense for women, use of force laws and details on a variety of defense options from pepper spray, tasers, to firearms. It is intended to to give women a better understanding of what options for personal defense may be best for them. This class provides the guidance in choosing the right firearms that is best suited for them. This course also offers a greater emphasis placed on tactics, techniques and issues specific to the female shooter.

Our firearms training course covers a variety of topics from basic firearm safety handling and responsibility, defensive shooting tactics  to advanced tactical weapons training. During your eight hours of classroom training, you will learn moral and legal aspects of firearms, weapons handling and shooting fundamentals, and emergency procedures. Regardless of your shooting experience, the handgun safety course teaches the core fundamentals of handgun safety so that you can visit the range with confidence and with safety in mind. Learn how to properly handle, transport, and store your handgun, as well as how to keep children safe around handguns.